About Scott

Scott has been working full time as a mountain instructor and expedition leader since 2009.  He has a particular passion for expeditions in the polar regions.

Scott has worked for the British Antarctic Survey as a field guide since 2011 and during this time has spent nearly 4 years in the Antarctic, including two winters based at Rothera research station.  Scott's role as an Antarctic Field Guide involves providing safety, logistical support and Polar training to scientific expeditions.  In the 2017/18 Antarctic season Scott will be working as a guide for commercial organisation ALE (Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions Ltd.), based out of Union Glacier.

Scott also works in the Arctic and has led expeditions to East Greenland, including guiding the winning team in the 2016 ICEMAN Polar ski race.  In 2017 Scott managed the snowmobile logistics for Tangent Expeditions Ltd. as well as running several Polar Training Courses and guiding ski expeditions within Liverpool Land.

Other expeditions have taken Scott to Alaska - where he summited Denali (6190m); Kyrgyzstan - attempt on Khan Tengri (7010m) with a successful summit of Peak Chapayev (6210m); Mongolia - summited several 4000m+ peaks in the Altai range including Mongolia's highest peak Mount Khuiten (4374m); Russia - guided Europe's highest mountain, Mount Elbrus (5642m), and throughout the European Alps.

When in the UK Scott runs training courses in all aspects of climbing, mountaineering and ski touring as well as offering guiding services.  

At the core of Scott Webster Mountaineering is a deep passion for the mountains and the outdoors.  I love to share this passion with others and look forward to passing on some of my knowledge to you in the future!  

Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI)
Scott is a full member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, the representative body for professionally qualified Mountaineering Instructors in the UK and Ireland.