Mountain Instructor Certificate Training

For the last week I have been on MIC training at Glenmore Lodge

During the week we covered all aspects of the MIC syllabus, including teaching winter climbing, winter mountaineering, avalanche awareness and guiding winter climbs.  Being based at Glenmore Lodge meant that a large proportion of the training was carried out in the Northern Cairngorms but we also made a day trip to Liatach in Torridon.  

Having completed the training course I am now in the consolidation period between training and assessment.  I will be looking for people who are interested in learning the skills required for winter climbing in the UK to come out with me as mock clients - get in touch if you're interested!

The UK Mountaineering qualification ladder can be confusing but the MIC is the top level award for Mountaineering Instruction in the UK and qualifies holders to teach and guide in all aspects of mountaineering and climbing in the UK under winter conditions.  In order to gain the MIC you must first complete the Summer Mountain Leader, Winter Mountain Leader and MIA (summer equivalent of MIC).  In addition to this you must be trained in wilderness first aid and have significant personal and teaching experience.  Beyond the MIC is the International Mountain Guides award which enables holders to do everything an MIC holder can do plus work worldwide in alpine environments.  If you see the AMI logo displayed you can be sure that the individual has at least completed the MIA award.

Thanks to Mark Chadwick of Glenmore Lodge and David Bucket of The Highland Mountain Company for permission to use their photos!