Expedition to the Stauning Alps - Greenland!

This April I'm going to be leading a team to the Stauning Alps of East Greenland for Tangent Expeditions.  Specifically we will be heading to the Bjornbo region in the Central Southern part of the Stauning Alps.

This region of the Stauning Alps consists of many unclimbed peaks up to 2400m and one of the aims of this expedition will be to attempt some of them!  

The expedition will begin at Tangent's base on Constable Point before travelling by skidoo to the Roslin Glacier where we will continue by skiing with our gear in pulks.  The journey to get there will be an amazing adventure in its own right and will involve a minimum of of two long days skidoo travel with an overnight at a hunters hut.

On reaching our base camp we will have ten days to explore the area on ski and hopefully have the opportunity to summit some incredible mountains and perhaps even enjoy some untouched ski descents!  As with any exploratory trip of this nature a flexible approach will need to be applied but the map below shows a rough route that could be skied, allowing us access to the mountains.  The pink triangles indicate potential camp spots and the red dots are un-climbed peaks.  Simon Yates will also be leading a group at a similar time further South.

There is still space to join this expedition to a truly amazing part of the world!  The dates for the trip are the 20th of April to the 4th of May.  For more information check out Tangent's web-site by clicking here  or contact myself or get in touch with Paul Walker; Tangent's director - paul@climbgreenland.com

If you're still not convinced have a look at these photos for some inspiration!

(all photos credit Tangent Collection).