Goodbye UK, hello frozen face!

Well that seemed to go very quickly… I’ve been back in the UK for 7 months now and tomorrow I begin the journey South, back to Antarctica for another 18 months with the British Antarctic Survey.

In the last 7 months at home I’ve achieved a lot and had an amazing time. I’ve summited North Americas highest mountain, been diving in the Mediterranean, Converted our van to a camper, built a log cabin, climbed in Switzerland, been mountain biking in France, Sailed down the east coast of Ireland, had several adventures in Scotland, seen my best mate get married and spent lots of time catching up with friends and family - right back to Antarctica for a rest!

My last month at home has been fairly hectic, traveling around the UK saying goodbye to various friends and family as well as attending some training courses for BAS. This year I went on a sea survival training course in Lowestoft, an advanced first aid course in Plymouth and a PPE inspection course in the Lakes.

The difficult task of packing a kit bag for 18months away is almost complete, although I’m quite a bit over weight so will have to try and stuff some bits and pieces into Mairi’s kit bag!

My 10 thousand mile journey starts in Glasgow tomorrow morning, onto London, then Madrid, Santiago, Punta Arenas and finally if all goes to plan I should arrive in Rothera on Saturday the 9th.

I’ll do my best to keep the blog updated with more photos and info on life in Antarctica.

So it’s goodbye to bikes, sailing boats, dry rock, swimming, trees, Viv (the van!), shorts and friends & family, stay in touch and I’ll see you all in 2015!