Day 45 to 48 - Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan has got to be the easiest country in Central Asia to visit as it is visa-free for most nationalities. Crossing the border was a hassle free process and by far the cheapest!

We will be in Kyrgyzstan for over a month, predominantly in the Tien Shan mountains as we attempt to climb Khan Tengri. Our friend Malcolm is meeting us in the North of Kyrgyzstan in a weeks time and for now we have stopped in Osh (with it’s legendary Baazar) to stock up on supplies.


  1. Taking advantage of some handy ramps to carry out some routine maintenance and inspection after abusing the car on the Pamir Highway - local children offering to help!
  2. Just accross the border into Kyrgyzstan and just what we had imagined!
  3. Our first camp in Kyryzstan, in the Alay valley with the high Pamirs on the horizon.
  4. Maz planning the next day while the kettle boils.
  5. A moody sunset during a short lived thunder storm.
  6. Stocking up on provisions for Khan Tengri at the Osh Baazar!
  7. Lending a hand to some local traders pushing a heavy cart of “flesh”!
  8. Osh Baazar.
  9. Updating the blog with a cold beer at the brilliant TES Guest House in Osh.