Winter Trip on the East of Adelaide Island

Last week I was out with Chris Evans, the Rothera Wintering Vehicle Mechanic. Our plan had been to head through Macallum’s Pass and the travel South to the Myth (as in the previous trip with Gail), but the weather wasn’t in our favour so we remained on the Eastern side of Adelaide Island.

The weather was un-settled for the first half of the week with consistently high winds and low cloud. In this time we managed a few shorter climbs close to where we were camped. By the end of the week we had some high pressure over us and the weather dramatically improved which allowed us to get on some more committing routes, the highlight being a rare ascent of a two pitch grade V ice route on the last day of our trip.

Another great trip out. I’m meant to be out this week too but so far we have been stuck on base due to strong winds. Fingers crossed we’ll get out before the end of the week.