The good weather continues at Rothera!

It was another stunning day at Rothera yesterday and, after a long lie sleeping off the effects of the night before, I set up a top rope on the ice cliffs on the edge of the Wormald glacier. These cliffs that back onto the base are constantly changing and in the year that I have been down here we have regularly seen large chunks of the glacier peel off into the sea - less so during the winter!

After an inspection of the cracks that have been forming at the top of the cliffs I chose a suitable place to set the line and after lunch took a group of 6 over for a play. As it turned out my “suitable” location for the rope turned out to be on one of the steepest sections of the cliff, starting with a large ice bulge! It provided a great challenge although we all came to the conclusion that we need to get stronger! There are quite a few with aching muscles today - myself included.

A really good day with a nice social atmosphere topped off with G&T’s on the balcony!