Maybe Tomorrow, Picts and Bif

The weather has been really frustrating this week with a lot of low cloud and snow. Yesterday was forecast to be a perfect blue sky day but instead we woke to low cloud and near enough zero visibility! I’ve seen this a few times before at Rothera and reckoned that there was a small chance we could get above the cloud once on the glacier so we set off with our fingers crossed. Amazingly this was the case and we broke through the cloud to be greeted by the blue skies and sunshine we had hoped for!

We climbed a great gully in the NW corrie of Picts at about grade III scottish and then headed over to Bif Wolf col from where weascendedto Bif’s summit.

On Thursday we also managed to get out in the local area during a brief spell of good weather and climbed a short mixed route called “Maybe Tomorrow” - roughly grade IV although very poorly protected on the crux pitch.