Ellsworth Mountains

I’ve just been given details of my work for the next summer season here in Antarctica. I will be working with scientists in the Ellsworth mountains over a period of 3 months.

My first project will be on the Fletcher Promontory; north of the Elsworth’s, where I will be helping Gudfina Adalgeirsdottir (Danish Meteorological Institute) conduct a re-survey of a radar line established last season to see how much ice has moved in the past year. The results will be used in conjunction with the ice core’s collected from the same location during last seasons drilling project.

Once this work is completed I will move to the Horseshoe Valley, situated in the southern Heritage range within the Ellsworth’s. I will be working out of this site for 2 months assisting a group of four scientists comprised of geologists, geomorphologists and glaciologists in their research looking at the changes in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS).