One of my primary roles down here during the summer months (UK winter) is to provide field safety for scientists who are carrying out a variety of different studies throughout the continent. I’m currently on standby to head to an area called Mars Oasis at the head of the Utopia glacier; where terrestrial biologist Kevin Newsham is planning on conducting several studies into the effects of global warming, but the weather hasn’t been playing ball so we are still at Rothera.

I have however been out recently with Icelandic glaciologist Hilmar Gudmundsson helping him install new gps units and service some older ones. These GPS units gather lots of information about the movements of ice sheets and the information is being used to predict shifts in the ice and to try and understand what has caused some of the larger ice sheets in Antarctica to break up.

Over the last few weeks I have also been out and about providing recreational opportunities for the staff based at Rothera. Not many photos but I took a group mountaineering on Badger buttress last weekend, yesterday I led a team up a nice rock climb on Mushroom buttress in not so nice weather and there has been a fair bit of skiing going on too!