Sunday Cragging in Antarctica!

On base at Rothera we make a point of having a slightly more formal dinner every Saturday night. This is an opportunity for everyone to come together at the end of the week and wind down. This weekend we had a mexican themed evening. The fajhitas were amazing and a fair bit of tequila as well as other alcoholic beverages were consumed. This morning there were a few slightly fragile faces kicking around base but not wanting to waste any opportunities to get out and have some fun I took a group over to the ice cliffs near to the base for a relaxed top-roping session.

Several of the group had never ice climbed before so it was certainly a fairly stiff introduction but everyone did amazingly well. Being glacier ice it is very different to water ice and also being on the coast it makes it slightly unique. There was layer of poor cruddy ice on the surface but underneath was really good ice for climbing.

A perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in Antarctica!