New Skis!

The JCR (one of BAS’s ships) arrived at base last week with our supplies for the next year. Everyone on base was involved in unpacking the cargo which took us nearly 3 days to complete.

Also onboard the ship was a box of personal kit that I sent down from the UK in August, including my new Dynafit Baltoro skis. I will be writing a review on the ski’s during my time down here.

Here’s what Dynafit say about the Baltoro:

The Baltoro is an expression of the pleasure experienced by the Dynafit team while exploring the Baltoro glacier, on the Karakorum. The distinctive feature of this ski is the relatively wide geometry. It is suitable for a wide variety of skier, and offers maximum support at each turn thanks to the particular construction of the sides. In addition, the 3D surface guarantees maximum torsional rigidity and ultra-smooth performance. The ideal ski for a wide range of uses, for everyone from beginners to the ambitious ski touring athlete.