Land and Sea

Some great weather last weekend so we made the most of the short amount of daylight by heading to the Stork range for a ski. At the moment we have approximately 4 and half hours of daylight each day (this will continue to decrease over the next 3 weeks). The sun has gone down for the last time but the daylight that we do get is just like a sunset.

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times now my primary role while in Antarctica is to support the science that is carried out down here. In most cases this is in a mountaineering capacity, however from time to time I get involved in other areas. Today I was out on the water helping to carry out a CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) water sample study. Not being a scientist I’m not going to attempt to explain exactly what it is that this test shows…I’m just there to help winch the instrument down 500m and then back up to the surface - the rest is up to the people in white coats!