Busy Week

Last week I was on a fire fighter training course at Durham Tees Valley airport. The course lasted for three days and we covered a variety of tactics and techniques for controlling fires in buildings and on aircrafts. We also looked at search and rescue within the context of a burning building or plane. During the three days we practiced using breathing apparatus, water hoses, foam hoses and dry powder hoses. We completed several scenarios involving burning, smoke filled planes with dummies onboard. The course was really good and I definitely learnt a lot of new skills but I hope to never have to use them in a real situation.

On Saturday I headed to Cummingston with Susie. As is often the case the weather in Aviemore was awful but an hours drive to the Moray coast saw us in sunshine! We didn’t arrive at the crag until about half one and we had plans for the evening so we didn’t get a massive amount of climbing done but what we did was good fun.

I’m down south again at the moment, this time for an industrial sewing course and JCB/fork lift truck training. With only a week left in the UK before I head to Antarctica I seem to be rushing around all over the place! Busy busy!