Back in Scotland

Having left the Antarctic nine days ago, I finally arrived back in Scotland on Monday. It was a long journeybeginningwith a 5 day voyageacrossthe Drakes Passage to the Falklands, followed by 5 flights eventually landing me back in Glasgow.

It feels strange to have left a world that I have been totallyimmersedin for the last year and a half especially one as unique and beautiful asAntarctica- but I am very pleased to be back home with family and I’m sure I’ll be South again before long.

It’s been completely manic since leaving Antarctica but now it’s time to prepare for the next adventure in Alaska. This trip is now only 6 weeks away. I have been ordering quite a lot of new kit for the expedition so I came home to boxes of kit which have been (and still are) cluttering my parents house. Lot’s of exciting new goodies including some amazing kit supplied to Mark and I from our good friend Andy Green at Mountain equipment! We’ll be using their new K7 Down jackets, Insulated Fitzroy sallopettes, Randonee gloves and yet to arrive but hopefully a new cutting edge sleeping bag due to come out this year or next. For now though it’s time to catch up with family and friends after not seeing them for 17 months. I went for a quick walk up our local Corbett; Ben Ledi, with my Dad and their new dog Rannoch. This was Rannoch’s first hill walking experience and despite the snow and the white-out on the summit he loved it - definitely a mountain dog!